About the brand The company’s products are a return to traditional Polish cuisine, developed with the thought of regional recipes.

The offer includes: dinner meals in jars, lard, pâtés, and meat products. Production is based on traditional methods, pasteurization, and sterilization processes, which allows the products to be kept fresh without the need for chemical preservatives. Thanks to which all health and taste properties as well as durability and quality of products are preserved.

Products by Kuchnia Staropolska have stolen the hearts of Polish consumers, especially those who value quality and regional accents. They are produced in a place, which has been cultivating Polish tradition since 1976.

Discover the taste of Polish traditional cuisine Enjoy our preservatives free products

Our pride is formed on the base of healthy, safe and uniquely flavored products. Our mission is to maintain high standards of responsibility and honesty towards conscious consumers.

Plant based Kuchnia Staropolska is here to stay! Discover Polish cuisine in plant based edition