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Pâtés Familiar countryside tastes

Delicate or strong in taste, but always insanely creamy and rich in aroma. A wide range of our pates creates a completely new quality on the market of Polish products.

A quick and exceptionally tasty proposition for young and old, a delicious addition to fresh bread and toast, which is always based on the best quality meat and spices. Taste truly homemade, classic compositions and come back to the tradition of Polish flavors.

Did You know that?

  • Pate is a dish that dates back to ancient times? That's right - the ancient Romans were the masters and authors of the first pates. It did not appear on the Polish noble table until the 16th century and has enjoyed unflagging popularity ever since.
  • Lard doesn't contain that much cholesterol after all? 100g of the product contains only 100mg of this ingredient. Therefore, it does not have to be an unequivocally unhealthy snack - on the contrary, lard can be part of a balanced diet, and is also great for frying.
  • Bigos is a traditional dish of Polish cuisine and a Polish national dish at the same time? Even Mickiewicz himself praised it in "Pan Tadeusz": "Bigos was heated in kociołkach; in words it is difficult to express a stew with a strange taste, a wonderful color and a scent ”.