An idea for tasty Breton beans 01 Apr 2019 |

Preparing 20 min
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  • 1 jar of the Kuchnia Staropolska brand ready-made Breton beans with sausage
  • 4 small slices of bread (wheat or wholemeal) or two rolls
  • a little butter (optional)
  • basil leaf, a handful of chopped parsley or onion for decoration
  • two fried slices of bacon or pieces of sausage (optional)
  • a small, round loaf of bread (optional)


It’s difficult to imagine Old Polish cuisine without Breton beans. Aromatic sausage with delicate tomato sauce accompanied by soft beans is the favorite dish of many Poles.

It is typically said that Breton beans are not associated with the region of Brittany. The dish is compared to a French specialty with Coco de Paimpol beans (smaller than flageolet) or a recipe from Great Britain whose inhabitants were called “Britons”. It is also difficult to determine when the dish arrived in Poland, but one thing is certain – the classic recipe for Breton beans with sausage holds a permanent place in the best offers of Old Polish cuisine.

There’s a reason why so many associate Breton beans with the military. It was often served in the army in various European countries. The dish is filling and nutritious, and therefore ideal for consumption even in demanding conditions. Today, it is a very popular dinner idea. It tastes great on a daily basis, but Breton beans are also served on special occasions. A single pot of this dish will quench the hunger of a whole family!

Anyone who wants to taste this classic dish must be patient. It can even take up to two days to prepare the whole dish. This is due to the need to soak the beans for several hours. As a result, the bloating substances are partly washed out, and subsequently, the time needed to cook the dish is reduced. Nevertheless, there is a simple way to prepare a Breton bean dinner with sausage in no time. We are talking about a ready meal that you just need to heat and mix with your favorite additives. With it, you can get around purchasing a long list of products and the tedious preparation of the dish. At the same time, the dish has everything you need – soft beans, aromatic sausage, and bacon. The prospect of saving time and serving a filling, tasty dinner is very encouraging.



Prepare the Breton beans with sausage according to the instructions on the packaging. It’s best to pour everything into a pot and heat on medium heat, stirring constantly. A faster way is to prepare the beans in a microwave.


Divide the hot Breton beans with sausage onto two plates, decorate them with a basil leaf in the center and sprinkle with chopped parsley or onion. Serve the dish with bread or a roll, which can be buttered.


To make the dish more expressive, you can serve it with a large slice of bacon (previously fried) or a whole sausage.


A simple way to make Breton beans with sausage look a bit more original and effective is to serve it in bread. All you need to do is cut off the upper part of a small, round loaf, hollow out its center and pour in the ready-made dish.