Recipe using Kuchnia Staropolska 01 Apr 2019 |

Preparing 20 min
Liczba porcji: 2
Kategoria: obiad


  • Jadło Staropolskie
  • half a kilogram of cabbage
  • 2 apples
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 onion
  • 50 ml of olive oil
  • Pepper
  • A tablespoon of sugar or honey can be added - as you see fit

Traditional cuisine is returning to favor. Regional products are winning over the palates of more connoisseurs of peasant food, and housewives compete with each other in finding various tasty recipes. Similarly, a lot of restaurants are emerging, serving local dishes made according to the best recipes to their customers.

Today, we are offering you something special that will certainly spoil your taste buds and allow you to experience an unusual, tasty feast. Sometimes there is a lack of ideas for dinner because everything has already been “done several times over” and despite the need to cook something tasty, there is no good concept. Meanwhile, a quick, simple, and very tasty dinner meal for a romantic evening for two or a meal for the whole family is within reaching distance. All you need is to stock up on one or two cans of “Jadło Staropolskie” pork meat to conjure up a unique dish and win over your fellow guests.

Delicious, aromatic pork meat in delicate jelly requires equally tasty dressing. If it is to be “rural”, then all you need to do is combine all the ingredients so that the dinner is wholesome and filling. Additives that remind you of old Polish food are also important. A little thinking is enough to create an extremely successful dish that will surprise everyone – with its flavors and way of serving.


You already have meat, but with pork being a little bland, you may want to add something a little spicier. You can make a delicious, filling salad from sauerkraut, which will go well with the taste of meat and delicate jelly. The old Polish proverb: “Gdzie barszcz i kapusta tam chata nie pusta” (No cottage is empty where there are borscht and cabbage, in English) should encourage to pay attention to the worthy, traditional cabbage, which was found pickled for the winter and eagerly eaten in every peasant house.


The method of preparation is trivial. Simply cut the cabbage into smaller pieces, and grate the carrot and apple on a grater with a large mesh. The onion must be chopped into cubes. Put all ingredients into a bowl, mix, and add cumin. This spice is sometimes necessary because, besides the fact that it can insanely turn up the taste, it also helps digest the heavy meat and cabbage. Either way, the salad is very healthy and it is worth eating it often. Will that be everything now? Of course not! You also need to add a little apple juice and olive oil – as much as you need so that the salad is not too dry. A little honey can be added at the end, which, along with carrots, will break the sour taste of the cabbage.


Pickled cucumbers or typical gherkins will taste the best with this type of meat and salad. Marinated red pepper can also be placed on a separate salad bowl. It is a perfect addition to nibbling on some tasty pork. Spicy and delicious!

Of course, one cannot do without delicious old Polish bread. You can bake it yourself, but as you know, it takes a bit of work. If dinner is to be quick, then you have to go to a good, proven bakery and buy fresh, crunchy Old Polish bread. It should be made only on traditional sourdough made of rye flour and water. It also contains wheat flour, water, and salt. Nothing else! Such bread with a crunchy, well-baked crust melts in the mouth and combined with the taste of aromatic pork covered with delicate jelly, it gives a delicious result. The meat can be broken up on a plate and eaten in small pieces while biting on bread. Spreading bread slices with meat and eating a salad, pepper, and cucumber will have its charm.

Everyone has an original approach to these types of dishes. It is important to create a delicious Old Polish dinner in a few minutes and enjoy its unique taste. Fast, cheap, and delicious!